Ingredient Why is it in there? What is the origin?
3-ethoxy-4-hydroxybenzaldehyde (ethyl vanillin) Scent: Gourmand, vanilla Safe Synthetic
Cetalox Scent: Amber, woody Safe Synthetic
Diethylhexyl adipate Diluent: These liquids dilute concentrations of other liquids to help keep the formula stable Safe Synthetic
Ethyl trimethylcyclopentene butenol Scent: Woody, sandalwood Safe Synthetic
Ethylene brassylate Scent: Musk-like, soft Safe Synthetic
Hydroxycitronellal Scent: Floral, lily-of-the-valley Safe Synthetic
Linalyl acetate Scent: Floral, bergamot Safe Synthetic
Myroxylon pereirae (Peru balsam) oils & resins Scent: Woody, balsamic Botanical
Norlimbanol Scent: Woody, amber Safe Synthetic
Octalactone gamma Scent: Fruity, sweet Safe Synthetic