Sea Salt + Soothe

For a beach basking vibe with a soothing marine breeze. Notes of sea salt air, melon, muguet, grapefruit, oakmoss, and lavandin.

Sea Salt + Soothe Biodegradable Candle Refill


Refill our glass candle with this earth friendly wax blend.

    Sea Salt + Soothe Reusable Glass Candle


    Mood matching fragrance and color designed to refill again and again.

      Sea Salt + Soothe Recyclable Tin Candle


      Tin can be infinitely recycled, so recycle this tin pretty please!

        Sea Salt + Soothe Plant-Based Candle Refill Kit


        Mood matching fragrance and color with a refillable glass candle + biodegradable candle refill

          Notes in Sea Salt + Soothe


          Top note

          Sea salt air

          Middle note


          Base note