Ingredient Why is it in there? What is the origin?
Allyl heptanoate Scent: Fruity, pineapple Safe Synthetic
Anisyl acetate Scent: Floral, anisic Safe Synthetic
BENZYL BENZOATE* Diluent: These liquids dilute concentrations of other liquids to help keep the formula stable Safe Synthetic
CITRAL* Scent: Citrus, lemon Safe Synthetic
Citrus aurantifolia (lime) oil Scent: Citrus, lime Botanical
Dimethyl heptenal Scent: Aldehydic, green Safe Synthetic
gamma-Decalactone Scent: Fruity, sweet Safe Synthetic
Methyl dihydrojasmonate Scent: Floral, fresh Safe Synthetic
Methyl-a-ionone Scent: Woody, floral Safe Synthetic
Raspberry ketone Scent: Fruity, powdery Safe Synthetic